Board of Directors: Left-to-right: Buddie Ayudan, Patrick Perriera, Garrett Agena, Dennis Eguchi

Starting in 2012 the “four uncles” worked tirelessly to help their community in Kekaha. With the assistance of many people around the island, Kekaha residents were able to benefit from a grant that helped initially 140 local families receive a solar photo-voltaic (PV) or solar hot water system. The mission was to help the oldest to the youngest residents in Kekaha receive the benefit of a solar program for their home. Due to hosting the islands landfill, the town of Kekaha was due a payment by the county that was to be used to help the community.

The uncles came up with a plan to use a large portion of these funds, as voted on by the community, to pay for individual solar systems on homes. A $5000 grant was awarded to over 140 families in Kekaha. The criteria to qualify to receive this grant was a resident had to prove home-ownership and length of uninterrupted residency in Kekaha. The grants were fairly distributed to those who were proven to be the oldest to the newest living residents until the funds were exhausted.

Many installation companies, finance groups, service providers, and manufactures offered their help with this project. The support that the local families showed each other was truly amazing. Neighbors and families would band together to make sure everyone had their paperwork turned in on time, and accurately. One company, with the help of SunRun, donated $1000 back into Solarize Kekaha for every home that chose their offer. This allowed Solarize Kekaha to have an additional 40 homes receive a solar program from the fund. The end result was the 180 homes received a Solarize Kekaha solar package.

What a tremendous effort and success. If it wasn’t for all involved and the years of hard work, we wouldn’t been able to make this such a wonderful privilege for all.

Thank you to Uncle Buddie, Uncle Dennis, Uncle Garrett, and Uncle Patrick for all your hardwork! If you happen to know any one of them, give them a call and find out how it all went.

Appreciate Efforts on Solar Projects
The Garden Island News 1 Oct 2015

“Mahalo to Wayne Ayudan, Dennis Eguchi, Patrick Pereira and Garrett Agena for your great support in organizing Solarize Kekaha. For the past two years, these four men, along with their secretary, Chantal Duarte, have been organizing this program for Kekaha residents to receive residential solar systems from grant funds our town received a few years ago. They have committed their time, energy and I’m sure some of their own expense and their families’ time with helping our Kekaha community with this awesome project. Almost 200 homes have benefited from this project.

Also, special thanks to Jeremy Menschel, a consultant with Islandwide Solar. His company has offered to give back to our community. With every home that went with Islandwide Solar, this company gave back $1,000 to the grant. So, after completing five homes, another home was granted a system. A great job. Well done by all of you.” Pamela Courtney