Solarize Kauai Application

Congratulations on taking the first step to your energy independence! Please fill out the application below and make any needed comments about your circumstances. Once we receive your application it will be reviewed for approval. Please remember, the Solarize Kauai program is to benefit all families and businesses on Kauai. The more we can sign up the longer and better leverage we have to keep this program going!

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Terms & Conditions

By checking the “Terms and Conditions” box, I am authorizing this application and I understand I am counting towards the mass purchasing power to drive solar costs down for the families on Kauai. My checking this box represents my intent to move forward with the Solarize Kauai program and a solar package that would suit my needs to offset my electricity bills. If I am unable to fulfill my agreement it is understandable, however I understand it could affect the overall cost and future help for others. Solarize Kauai is a platform to help families and businesses receive programs to make solar electricity cheaper and is not responsible or liable for any expectations or failures by any contractors. Solarize Kauai is only available for pre-selected manufacturers and installation firms that have passed the strictest of quality tests and integrity. Every recipient of the Solarize Kauai program must be pre-approved by Solarize Kauai and receive a program ID.